Supporting bookkeeping, accounting audits, and tax affairs since the company was established in Ho Chi Minh

AACS will firmly support the business operations of Ho Chi Minh City.

Company formation

When establishing a corporation in Vietnam based on Japanese capital, it will be established as a foreign-affiliated company. We also propose the establishment of foreign companies with high hurdles, including each license.

Bookkeeping agency

At us. We will act as a bookkeeping agent in line with Vietnamese accounting standards (commonly known as VAS). It will be very smooth if you request it along with the audit.


Every year in Vietnam, proper legal audits in accordance with Vietnam's audit rules are required. We will explain the outline of the audit, establish the audit, and report.

Accounting and tax advisory

Staff with a proven track record at an international accounting firm will assist you. We will support you by creating a flow from advisory work to audit.

Business matching

We would like to introduce Vietnamese companies around Ho Chi Minh City. According to your request and request, we will investigate the Vietnamese local companies, prepare for the meeting, and follow up.

Translation interpretation

We provide Vietnamese-Japanese and Vietnamese-English translation and interpretation services. For interpreters, we have the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 and the interpreting staff who have more than 10 years of experience will fully support you.