Vietnam's personal income tax | Explains how to calculate PIT (resident / non-resident) of salary income

You can calculate the personal income tax and tax amount of Vietnamese salary.

Social insurance and other deduction items are not taken into consideration in the calculation results,Social insurance premium pageWhen,Extra wage (overtime) pageBy using this together with, you can estimate the approximate salary (take-home).

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Expatriates working in Vietnam, those who often travel to Vietnam, those who have just been assigned overseas, those who are in the personnel and accounting department of the head office, those who have started working locally, are considering emigration It is available to all of you.

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Vietnam Personal Income Tax Overview

Vietnam Personal Income Tax Overview
Tax yearJanuary 1st-December 31st
ResidentSee the table below for progressive taxation and tax rates
Non-residentIn the case of salaryUniform 20%
Tax filing and tax payment timeQuarterly (until the end of the following month)
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Monthly (until the 20th of the following month)
* Sales exceeded 50 billion VND in the previous year, and the monthly personal income tax withholding amount of taxpayers is 50 million VND or more.
Final tax return timeThe end of April of the following year
Basic deduction11 million VND
Deduction for dependents4.4 million VND x number of people
important point・ There is no residence tax, and other things to be aware of are social insurance premiums.
Resident and non-resident judgment required (183 day rule, etc.)
・ Children over 18 years old,There are requirements when treating a spouse with a dependent deduction.
Basically applicable if you have no income (1 million VND or less per month) and have a physical disability or difficulty working

Vietnam personal income tax rate

Taxable income (monthly)tax rateIncome tax calculation method
5 million dong or less5%Taxable income x 5%
Over 5 million to under 10 million dong10%Taxable income x 10% -250,000 dong
Over 10 million to under 18 million dong15%Taxable income x 15% -750,000 dong
Over 18 million to under 32 million dong20%Taxable income x 20% -1.65 million dong
Over 32 million to 52 million dong or less25%Taxable income x 25% -3.25 million dong
Over 52 million to 80 million dong or less30%Taxable income x 30% -5.85 million dong
Over 80 million dong35%Taxable income x 35% -9.85 million dong

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* This is a simple calculation system, and we are not responsible for the calculation results.

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