AACS audit work


Legal audit

Foreign-affiliated companies in Vietnam are required to be audited by Vietnamese law.
There is no requirement for foreign investors to own the shares, and regardless of the investment ratio, they must be audited by an audit corporation every fiscal year.
In Vietnam, when a foreign-affiliated company makes a tax return, it is also required to submit an audit report prepared in accordance with Vietnam's audit standards.
Tax payment and tax filing will be made after it has been confirmed that there are no problems, such as whether the audit corporation and the audit report are authentic, whether there are any doubts about the content, or whether there is an audit opinion.
If you have a parent company in Japan and a local subsidiary in Vietnam, it is advisable to request a trustworthy audit firm as dividends will be granted after all the above procedures have been successfully processed. I will.

Voluntary audit

Voluntary audits of foreign-affiliated companies in Vietnam may be conducted for the purpose of investigating the intention of the parent company and the financial condition of the company.
In addition to the statutory audit, we may inspect the account in detail for each purpose.
Even in the case of voluntary audits, the audit report will be issued in accordance with the Vietnam auditing standards used in legal audits.

Financial statement review

Reviewing financial statements is simpler than the audits above, and the assurance levels are not as high as required by the audits.
Like a voluntary audit, a review may be conducted by a request from a group company or a request from a stakeholder.

Audit to AACS

AACS conducts accounting audits and provides audit reports in accordance with Vietnamese auditing standards.
Regarding the audit report, we also provide Japanese version and other requests at any time.
Please feel free to contact us.

Company establishment service

Representative office 1800USD ~
Establishment of corporation 3000USD ~
Registration change 400USD ~

Bookkeeping service

From 500USD
Monthly bookkeeping material creation
Corporate income tax return
VAT filing
Personal income tax return

Audit work

Information on audit procedures
Explanation of audit report

Translation / interpretation business

Japanese test 1st grade
Correspondence of professional interpreters with more than 10 years of experience