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AACS supports the business operation of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Bank deposit calculation app

In Vietnam, interest on bank deposits and savings is very high at around 5%. In this bank deposit calculation app,Compound interest calculation of bank deposits up to 10 years laterI can. The interest rate can also be changed freely.


Personal income tax calculation app

In the personal income tax calculation app,Personal income tax (PIT) is calculated from the number of monthly salaries and dependent deductionsI can do it. In Vietnam, there is no residence tax, but it is known that personal income tax is high (maximum tax rate 35%). Please use all means.


Calculation of extra wages (overtime pay)

In the premium wage (overtime pay) calculation app,Approximately grasping employee working hours and extra wages (overtime pay)You can use it for. As a typical example, we take up the case where overtime hours occur on weekdays (until 22:00) and Sundays.

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Social insurance premiums, salary (take-home)

In the social insurance premium and salary (take-home) calculation app,Calculation of social insurance premiums (society, health, unemployment)I can.Calculation of salary (take-home) together with personal income tax calculation and overtime pay pageI can. It can be used for managing social insurance premiums (Vietnamese employees, expatriates, local employees).

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Company establishment schedule

Plan company establishment scheduleI can do it. It can be used by those who are considering establishing a company in Vietnam and those who are considering expanding overseas. Please note that the detailed schedule and details may differ depending on each agency.

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Travel expenses and transportation expenses for temporary return

Vietnam-Japan Temporary Return / Return Travel Expenses Easy Estimate of Travel ExpensesI can do it. Due to travel restrictions, travel expenses and transportation expenses for expatriates and locally hired people are increasing. Please use it when calculating the expenses of the company.


Calculation of customs duty and special consumption tax

Through this calculation toolCalculation of special consumption tax in VietnamI can. Please note that the value-added tax is calculated for the special consumption tax as well.


Calculation of loss carryforwards

In Vietnam,Can be carried over for 5 years after the loss is generatedis. Even if the deficiency remains in the sixth year, it cannot be offset against the profit. It is important for financial strategy to use up the deficit as efficiently as cash.


Foreign contractor tax (direct method)

Through this calculation toolVietnam Foreign Contractor Tax (FCT) CalculationI can. FCT also includes general services, consulting, and equipment installation services provided from outside Vietnam. It is necessary to file and pay taxes for each transaction, and care must be taken not to miss any declarations.

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Handling of rent (rent) allowance

Through this calculation toolExamining the degree of impact of Vietnamese rent on income taxI can do it. To provide an employee's place of residence, the company should consider whether to provide the employee with cash or rent it in the name of a legal entity. Simulate in advance before renting.