Vietnamese translation/interpretation service


Vietnamese is the native language of the Kin tribe, which makes up about 87% of the total population of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and still has nearly 80 million speakers. An accurate understanding of Vietnamese is of paramount importance when conducting business in Vietnam.

At AACS, our interpreting staff, who have Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, provide a wide range of services, from meetings and other meetings to training Vietnamese, medical interpreters, and attending Vietnamese administration. I would like to introduce Vietnamese to AACS first when you need Vietnamese.

Vietnamese is difficult

Vietnamese and Japanese do not have much in common. Vietnamese is a very difficult language for Japanese. The Vietnamese language was formed under the strong influence of Chinese and Kanji culture, and what makes the Vietnamese language difficult is the romanization and tone.

Vietnamese characters

Characters like Vietnamese romaji are called Quoc Guo. It is different from Romaji, for example, D is pronounced twice, and q is pronounced "quiet" instead of "cue", which is difficult for Japanese people. In addition, there are notations such as đ and ê that do not exist in Roman letters, making them more difficult to understand.

Vietnamese tone

There are 6 tones in Vietnamese. Although Vietnamese has many parts that inherit Chinese characters and tones, there are four common Chinese words. Six voices seem to be comparable to Cantonese, which is said to be the most difficult in the world (Cantonese is exactly nine voices). I can speak plain language, but what is more difficult than plain tone is the phonetic symbols called ̉ (hook) and ˜ (tilde). Have you ever heard the “phở” spoken by Vietnamese? This is not a constant tone "four". It is difficult to express, but non-linear tones such as “phở” make Vietnamese very difficult.

Learn Vietnamese

Vietnamese speaks 1,100 hours for English speakers, according to the Office of Foreign Affairs under the US State Department. Vietnamese seems to be advantageous to Chinese and Chinese speakers because it has a lot of tones similar to Chinese, but I think that 800 hours is still necessary. If you like Vietnam, we recommend studying Vietnamese, but if you only use Vietnamese for business, it is very effective to use the translation/interpretation service.

Professional Vietnamese translator/interpreter

Vietnam-Japanese translation and interpretation provided by AACS is supported by professional staff with more than 10 years of experience in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. So far, we have supported more than 100 Japanese people. Please do not hesitate to contact AACS for translation / interpretation.

Company establishment service

Representative office 1800USD ~
Establishment of corporation 3000USD ~
Registration change 400USD ~

Bookkeeping service

From 500USD
Monthly bookkeeping material creation
Corporate income tax return
VAT filing
Personal income tax return

Audit work

Information on audit procedures
Explanation of audit report

Translation / interpretation business

Japanese test 1st grade
Correspondence of professional interpreters with more than 10 years of experience