Vietnam's customs duty / special consumption tax (liquor, tobacco, beer, automobile) calculation tool

This calculation model is the result when the customs duty is exempt.

The Japan-ASEAN Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEP) was signed in 2008, and the Comprehensive and Advanced Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) was issued in 2019, with tariff exemptions or preferential tax rates.

A special consumption tax was issued in 2008, and the following items are taxed.
Taxpayers are importers and service providers procured for Vietnam, and as a result, the selling price is pushed up.


* * * * Please enter a numerical value in the skin color item on the following calculation sheet * * * *
* * * * Yellow items are the calculation results * * * *


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* This is a simple calculation system, and we are not responsible for the calculation results.

Please be sure to consult the accounting office for details.