Vietnam's social insurance premium and salary (take-home) calculation tool

With the social insurance calculation app, you can calculate insurance premiums such as social insurance premiums (society, health, unemployment).

It can be used for managing social insurance premiums (Vietnamese employees, expatriates, local employees).

again,Personal income tax calculation pageWhen,Extra wage (overtime) page, And togetherBy using it, you can calculate the take-home amount.

Vietnam social insurance premium rate

 Social insuranceHealth insuranceEmployment insurancetotal
Company burden17.5%3%1%21.5%
Worker burden8%1.5%1%10.5%
subjectVietnam people
(Locally adopted)
Vietnam people
(Locally adopted)
(Resident / internal transfer)
Vietnam people

* The above rates will be applied from January 2022.

Not covered by social insurance (expatriate)

Based on Vietnam Social Insurance Insurance System,Not applicable for internal transfersTherefore, expatriates do not have to pay social insurance.However,Local recruitment of foreigners (Japanese), new recruitment of expatriates, hiring VietnameseYou need to be careful when you do.

▼ Not applicable

  • Internal transfer person
    * Temporary resident who has been hired for over a year and has been transferred to a local subsidiary in Vietnam.
  • If you are over the retirement age (2020: male: 60 years old, female: 55 years old)


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* * * * Please enter a numerical value in the skin color item on the following calculation sheet * * * *
* * * * Yellow items are the calculation results * * * *

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* This is a simple calculation system, and we are not responsible for the calculation results.

Please be sure to consult the accounting office for details.