Vietnamese salary calculation Extra wage (overtime pay) calculation service

You can calculate overtime pay through this app.

Vietnam's premium wages have strict requirements.

For example, the working hours per week are set to 48 hours as the prescribed working hours.Overtime work exceeding 36 hours is prohibited in principleIt has been. There is a premium rate for overtime hours.

 Time zone (example)weekdayWeekly holidays
Holidays / paid
Normal working hours9: 00-18: 00100%200%300%
Exceeding normal working hours18: 00-22: 00150%200%300%
Midnight work22: 00-6: 00130%270%390%


The numerical value already entered depends on the following conditions.

  • Basic salary: 20,000,000 VND
    Working hours (per day): 8 hours
    Working days (per month): 20 days
  • Overtime hours (weekdays / per day): 2 hours
    Overtime days (weekdays / per month): 10 days
  • Overtime hours (Sunday, per day): 3 hours
    Overtime days (Sunday / January): 2 days

again,Personal income tax calculation pageWhen,Social insurance premium calculation pageYou can calculate the take-home amount by using it together with.

* The amount of income used in the calculation of personal income tax does not include overtime pay.
Only the amount obtained by multiplying overtime hours by the salary per hour (100%) is applicable.

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* * * * Please enter a numerical value in the skin color item on the following calculation sheet * * * *
* * * * Yellow items are the calculation results * * * *



* This is a simple calculation system, and we are not responsible for the calculation results.

Please be sure to consult the accounting office for details.