It is a list of non-deductible items in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, as in other countries, the basic idea of the tax system remains the same.
On the other hand, there are some items that are unique to Vietnam, so be careful.
In the case of transactions that are not in the case, it is recommended to consult with an expert in advance if the handling is complicated and the transaction content is complicated.

List of non-deductible items in Vietnam

General expensesTransactions over 20 million VNDteeth,VAT invoice and bank transferIs necessary
If not met, it will not be accepted
Depreciation of fixed assetsNot for business use
(Not for manufacturing purposes, not for goods transactions / service provision purposes)
Depreciation of fixed assetsInsufficient proof, voucher, etc. of owned assets
Depreciation of fixed assetsAssets that are not properly recorded in the books
Depreciation of fixed assets9 seats or less, And the transaction price isOver 1.6 billion VND
((Excludes business purposes such as passenger transportation, exhibitions, travel and hotels)
Depreciation of fixed assetsExceeding the legal useful life set by the Ministry of Finance
Wages (salaries / bonuses)Not actually paid by the deadline for filing annual tax returns
Wages (salaries / bonuses)Employment contract, collective agreement, Etc. are not proved
Wages (salaries / bonuses)Fictitious employee without actual situation
Wages (salaries / bonuses)Salaries of founding members and directors who are not directly involved in the business
Wages (salaries / bonuses)Contribution to pension fund and life insurance (part over 3 million VND / person / January)
travel expensesAdvance payment of 20 million VND or more to employeesIf you want to
The following must be met.
rules in the companyIt is clearly stated that it is possible to make a replacement.
Business trip regulationsIs maintained
Retirement allowance / retirement benefit reservePayment of severance pay exceeding the upper limit stipulated in the Labor Law
Interest expenseWith interest borrowed from non-financial institutions or economic agents,
Interest rate set by the Central Bank of Vietnam on the date of borrowing1.5 timesThe part that exceeds
Interest expenseInterest expense borrowed for the minimum capital required by law
Interest expenseInterest expense for which contributions to the planned investment amount have not been realized
Interest expenseIn one accounting period30% of EBITDA (operating profit + interest cost + depreciation cost)The part that exceeds
Taxes and public duesFines and late interest
(Violation of administrative rules such as traffic law, business registration rules, accounting statistics rules, etc.)
Capital transactionsExpenses directly related to capital transactions such as dividends and acquisition of treasury stock
DonationEducation funds, medical funds, disasters, poverty funds do not have proper certificates
Foreign exchange gains / lossesUnrealized foreign exchange loss on foreign currency deposits and accounts receivable balance
Welfare expenseCash payment for uniformsIf you do5 million VND / person / yearThe part that exceeds
Provision of product guarantee reserveFor tax purposes, the debt is not fixed and is not deductible.
Entertainment expensesGolf play fee for others, annual membership fee

Please be sure to consult the accounting office for details.