Acquisition of Vietnamese corporation (M & A, due diligence)


Acquisition of Vietnamese corporation

Our M & A intermediary business is a "complete success fee system".
There is no start fee, monthly fee, or intermediate fee.
You will only be rewarded if the M & A is successful.

Recently, M & A is booming in Vietnam.
Our team of experts (lawyers, accountants, etc.) did not actively advertise M & A, even though some units specialize in corporate valuation.

This time, we have established a system that can consistently support legal due diligence, financial due diligence, etc. from the window, and it has become a flow to promote the requested M & A.

The characteristic of our company and other companies is the complete success fee.
Due to industry practice, M & A tends to be aimed at getting a start-up fee (even if the probability of establishment is low, it will be accepted once).

At our company, the reward system is based on the premise of establishment.
No compensation will be given at the stage of company survey and proposal.
We are also informing you of the possibility of establishment.

* The remuneration system will be handled by the Lehmann method at the same market price as in Japan.

Please feel free to contact us.

Company establishment service

Representative office 1800USD ~
Establishment of corporation 3000USD ~
Registration change 400USD ~

Bookkeeping service

From 500USD
Monthly bookkeeping material creation
Corporate income tax return
VAT filing
Personal income tax return

Audit work

Information on audit procedures
Explanation of audit report

Translation / interpretation business

Japanese test 1st grade
Correspondence of professional interpreters with more than 10 years of experience